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Best Gyms in Columbus→

Aug 29, 2023

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Now that I have officially moved out of CBus, I can finally give the scoop on who I think are the *best* gyms in Columbus. Some of these should come as no surprise to you, but are undoubtedly the cream of the crop. Be sure to check them out because they are all serving up their own unique flare on group fitness. The Columbus fitness scene has truly been elevated by these studios! 

Peep the list below!

Studio Glow

 Whether I have met you once or a thousand times, there’s one thing I am sure of – I have bragged about Studio Glow to you before. Located in Worthington, and founded by angel in human form, Liz Bustle; Studio Glow is changing the narrative of group fitness. You won’t find anything that doesn’t serve you here. No calorie tracking, no talk of ‘summer bodies’ or shrinking yourself, no competition…you get the gist. What you will find – the real results you’ve been craving – FUN. Classes here are built to ignite your inner child and for you to find absolute joy in fitness. I mean, just listen to this line up of classes – Barre, Trampoline, and Dance. I think it’s scientifically impossible to not have a smile on during classes here. 

And while the classes at SG are beyond amazing, it’s the least impressive thing here. The community that SG has built is like something out of a fairy tale. Prepare to meet the most supportive people in Columbus who will be rooting you on from the second you first walk into the studio to take your first class. 

Sign up for a class or a membership NOW. I promise you – this place is going to be HUGE someday soon. Get in while you can. 😉

Rock On Fit

Do you ever meet someone and are just immediately blown away by how cool they are? That was me meeting Gail Mitch, the creator of Rock On Fit. She’s a friggen badass AND is insanely educated when it comes to fitness and nutrition. She exudes so much confidence that you can’t help but be drawn to her and her workouts!

Her studio may be in her home, but it’s probably the sleekest gym I have ever been to. Think: lots of equipment, badass decor, moody lighting, and neon signs. The vibes in this place are so powerful that you’ll find yourself channeling your inner beast mode almost immediately.  In-person classes are kept to a small, intimate size –  guaranteeing you the spotlight you deserve.

Rock On Fit classes are a blend of strength and cardio, and put a MAJOR spotlight on the crucial warm-up and post-workout stretch. I have NEVER been to another studio that puts this much emphasis on the warm up. I have truly never felt more prepared for a workout anywhere else. 

Not only will you undergo a killer  workout, but you’ll also be equipped for success beyond the studio walls. Gail sprinkles her classes with wisdom and mindful moments that you’ll be carrying with you all day. I’m telling you.. There is just something about Gail that will inspire the hell out of you AND have you reaching for those heavy weights you wouldn’t normally touch.

Plus… her branding?? Fkn phenomenal.


I think my biggest regret in life is not having an Axon when I first started my fitness journey years ago. This is THE place to go to not only level up your fitness but to actually become educated in the process. (This is by far the most fun ‘school’ you’ll ever go to). 

Movement here is *simple*, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  What sets Axon apart is their commitment to stripping down to the essentials. They’re on a mission to prove that effective workouts don’t need to be complex. They are here to help you work out smarter and lift heavier, safely.

 This is the only gym I have ever been to that actually promotes an appropriate amount of rest in between sets. I’ll be honest – adjusting to the rest periods in the classes here was a learning curve for me. It’s an eye-opener to recognize how accustomed I’ve become to the disgustingly minimal rest intervals in other group fitness studios.

Axon doesn’t just guide you through motions; they ensure you comprehend the “why” behind each exercise and its impact on your overall performance. Experience fitness with a purpose, guided by the science of movement. Axon is redefining exercise in the best way possible!

Plus the creators of Axon, also founded The Fitness Loft. Be sure to check that gym out as well. 😉

Check out the full scoop on Axon here!

Reform Pilates

Pilates is having a ✨moment✨ right now. And with good reason – the health benefits of Pilates are pretty robust. To name a few; increased flexibility, improved posture, a strengthened core, etc.

There’s plenty of pilates studios in Columbus so what makes Reform so different? In short, everything

Pilates studios tend to have a bit of a snooty reputation where newcomers are treated like outsiders, and beginners aren’t always welcomed. Not here though! Owner and Instructor, Kelsey Carpenter sets some immaculate vibes. Classes are limited to six people max, and Kelsey does a great job of introducing everyone to one another before class starts. It’s the intimate atmosphere for me!

Even though this is a group class, you can expect LOTS of individualized attention. The small class size paired with Kelsey’s hawk-like vision means you won’t be able to get away with even an ounce of bad form. Get ready to feel the burn like you’ve never felt before and prepare to be addicted to Pilates after just one class here. 

Plus with big front windows with tons of natural light paired with minimalist decor in the studio, you feel like you’re working out within a snow globe. Talk about dreamy. 

Grind Garage

You know you’re *that bitch* when you make this list BEFORE you even open your doors. If you live in Columbus and have a pulse you already are familiar with GRIND. Creator and founder, Maggie has been hosting pop ups and private classes for years and has amassed quite the cult following. If you have been to one of her signature GRIND AT THE GAZEBO classes, you already know the fire she brings to group workouts. Well now she is opening her first brick and mortar studio in Grandview and I couldn’t be more excited. 

Maggie is the hardest working person I know and it is truly a privilege to watch her dreams come true. I know she will be out here chanings LIVES with this studio. Help a sista out and donate to her GoFundMe. Claim your part in helping open up Grandview’s best wellness studio HERE

I’m helping throw the GRIND GARAGE GRAND OPENING PARTY!! Join us on Sunday, September 10th at 11AM. You know we’ll be grinding up some magic.

Check out the full scoop on GRIND here!


What do you think? Drop a comment below if you love any of these gyms (or if you think any others should be added to this list)!

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P.S. If you want to hear who I think the worst gyms in Columbus are, you’ll have to get me drunk first 😂 😜

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