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How Icebox Westerville Got Me Feeling ~Cool For The Summer~

Aug 28, 2023

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I’ve always been self-conscious about my legs. I’ve always had cellulite no matter how much I worked out and now that it’s summer and I’m wearing shorts more often I’m that much more insecure. I was talking about this to my girl Erin over at IceBox and she immediately suggested I try Cryotherma—not to be confused with cryotherapy. I did the treatment on my legs and the process took about half an hour per leg, but you can actually do it anywhere on the body. 

For those of you who’ve done cryotherapy before, you know that shit is cold. I was definitely nervous for Cryotherma because while I do enjoy cryotherapy, I’m a little baby chicken when it comes to the cold. Going from 3 minutes to an hour sounded unbearable… until I actually made it to the room and found out you’re on a heated massage table the whole time. #BLESS

I was treated by Alyssa and she was an absolute dream to work with. She has a gentle touch and explained everything in detail to me so I would feel more comfortable.

The wand used in the session alternates between super cold to a juicy warm temperature. As soon as it gets cold enough where you’re ready to run out the door, it immediately warms up so you’re never sitting with discomfort for too long. I found the whole thing to be oddly relaxing, enough that I’m almost certain I fell asleep when they did my second leg. Then, once the session was over I was immediately taken over to the normatec compression massage sleeves. I sat with my legs in those for about 30 minutes to help lock in all the benefits of the Cryotherma and Icebox set me up with the red light on my face for added relaxation and wellness benefits. I may or may not have fallen asleep again…

Before Cryotherma:

Immediately after:

2 weeks after:

As you can see there is a noticeable difference immediately after the treatment! I love a treatment with instant results—it’s good for the soul. 

Icebox noted that I would see full results after two weeks. My advice is to level set your expectations, exercise patience and trust the process. After about a week I was feeling discouraged because I felt like nothing had changed since the session itself. Then at about day 10 or 11 I noticed the biggest improvement—my skin felt tighter, looked smoother and I was feeling more confident in my body! 

**Reminder to be kinder to yourself: cellulite is completely normal—even Margot Robbie has it. You are beautiful as you are at this moment, no changes. But if there is an insecurity that you think Chryotherma may ease, there is no shame in that either. We are all on our own journeys to body peace and there is no right way to get there. 

Try Cryotherma out OR any other services at IceBox Westerville. Code: SCOOP20

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