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Review→ Reform Pilates UA

Mar 26, 2024

shared by katie

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Location: Upper Arlington


How can such small movements pack such a big punch?? @sejals_fitstagram recently had me come to a class with her at Reform Pilates UA. One class in and I was instantly hooked! I had never really done reformer Pilates classes before so there was def a learning curve with the machine, but owner/instructor @kelseyncarpenter gives a thorough run down of how everything works and gives insanely detailed instructions on each move. Kelsey has hawk like vision to notice from across the room if your form is even a little bit off. She tells you how you should be set up and exactly where you should be feeling a certain exercise. The sliiiiiightest adjustments here make a world of difference. The cherry on top here is that the max number of students in class is six. There are such intimate vibes and everyone tends to commiserate together when the harder moves come out (looking at you, Pilates ring 👀👀).




With so many windows and natural light coming in, it feels like you’re taking class within a snow globe. They must be pumping something into the vents here because it always smells so fresh and feels instantly calming. Heading to a new studio can feel intimidating, but here you walk in and instantly feel like you belong. @kelseyncarpenter does a great job making sure everyone gets introduced to one another before class. It truly is so special. ✨

Pro Tip: head to @southoflane for brunch after class 😉

Check out Reform Pilates UA here!

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