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Review: Balancing Owl Yoga→

Sep 6, 2023

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Location: Dublin, OH


Balancing Owl Yoga is more than a yoga studio. It is a full on wellness retreat. They have it all here to help you focus on being your best self: yoga led by amazing, thought provoking instructors, massage therapy, meditation, acupuncture, and energy healing. They are probably most known for their actual yoga classes. They have a wide range of offerings and every class is made for every type of yoga (and non yoga!) student. Other studios preach being for everybody but somehow this studio nailed it. I cannot wait to go back for regular acupuncture treatments (peep the pic below)! If you have never tried acupuncture before you need to go try it at Balancing Owl ASAP! It is one the best things I’ve found that helps both my physical and mental health.


First class free, normally $17 (Other services have a range of pricing!)


 From the street, the studio doesn’t look like much. Upon entering though, you feel transported into the best type of calm. The studio is very intentional with their minimalist decor and music choices. It feels like you’re at a cross section of a spa and a close friend’s house. Seriously comfy vibes. I can’t get over how much inspiration I gained from just one class at Balancing Owl.  If you’re feeling in a rut in any area of your life, I can’t recommend this place enough!

Check out Balancing Owl Yoga here!

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