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Review: Barre3 New Albany→

Jan 21, 2024

shared by katie

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Location: New Albany


There’s nothing quite like the energy buzzing in and around a 💥brand 💥 new 💥 studio. And Barre3 New Albany lives up to the hype. This new space is GORGEOUS. I have trouble slowing down when it comes to exercise. I get bored SO easily. I think it is next to impossible to get bored here. Classes here turn the typical barre class on its head by adding in bursts of cardio and pairing everything with fun, pumping music. Moves are taught to the beat of the music (something I still haven’t quite mastered 😂). Class ends, however, with a lights off, slow stretch routine and a guided meditation of sorts. Pro tip: take the first class of the day here – you’ll leave feeling unstoppable for the work day ahead of you.


first class FREE (single class $26)


I love Barre3 studios because they are just instantly calming. They somehow make you super relaxed yet ready to #werk! Barre3 New Albany is no different. They do have the added bonus though of amazing staff and instructors. Every. Single. Person. who works here seems so unbelievably genuine and happy to be there. Idk how they are finding this many people excited to work but it is so refreshing! Their energy is palpable.

Check out Barre3 New Albany here!

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