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Review: BlueSpot Yoga→

Aug 17, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Bexley


So happy my friend, Jen invited me to the studio she’s been frequenting so much lately! I can see why she loves it. First off, it’s SO clean! I think I saw my reflection on the floor 😂. Lobby is cute and kitschy but the classroom itself is expansive and minimal! Classes here are hot, but not unbearable. I loved getting to class early and just laying on my mat letting the room warm up my muscles. Classes have some amazing messages and intentions set up behind them. It truly feels authentic and not ‘woo-woo’ or forced in any way. Everything here feels super achievable and as if it’s tailored specifically for you.


Single class $20 


This studio is beyond calming. Somehow feels super bougie yet community focused at the same time. Blue Spot is instantly welcoming. Most yoga studios feel super calm and quiet but this one buzzes with excitement and eagerness to improve! 

Check out BlueSpot Yoga in Bexley here!

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