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Review: Centre Wellness→

Mar 26, 2024

shared by katie

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Location: Plain City


Who is in need of a serious self care day?? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Had the best time last week experiencing all that @centre_wellness has to offer. @grind_cbus and I got to partake in red light therapy, infrared sauna sessions, cocoon pod sessions, AND a relaxing stay in the salt cave. Each specific treatment had its own unique benefits. I was obsessed with the sauna. I felt like all my stress completely melted away. And the salt cave??? One of the most interesting experiences I have ever had. You’re sitting in this pink room with salt EVERYWHERE. A fountain providing some soundscapes behind you. And all you need to do is sit there to receive the benefits. It apparently helps improve breathing, fight infection, reduce inflammation, and so much more.


Tons of different services at all different price points


The vibe in here is that of a typical spa in that it’s super quiet and relaxing. Everything is super chic. From the robes to the showers to the slippers, you feel more like a valued houseguest than a customer. The front lobby is the exact opposite tho! There are couches (meant to hang out and chat on), retail stations, and a coffee/smoothie bar. The energy is up and there is a buzz about the room. It’s a perfect Yin and Yang type of situation.

Check out Centre Wellness Plain City here!

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