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Review: Club Pilates in Grandview →

Mar 21, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Grandview


Pilates can seem V intimidating. The Reformer machine looks like it is just waiting to torture you. Club Pilates Grandview Yard def puts in the time and energy to make pilates more accessible to everyone – they do not want you to feel overwhelmed at all. Classes here are designed to give you a full body workout while focusing on the lengthening of the muscles.

The Reformers here rely on spring tension as a way to dial the intensity up or down depending on your comfort level. Best part is that this machine is easy on the joints – something I was craving after doing so much intense cardio lately. Your first class is free! But I wouldn’t count on this class being a complete workout for you. This is more of an introductory class to get you comfortable with the pilates Reformer, become familiar with the props, and learn specific cues.

That being said, the intro class is so welcoming and it makes a challenging workout seem much more manageable that I am sure you’ll want to follow it up by purchasing a single class or package. And if you decide pilates just isn’t your thing, CP also offers TRX classes, and more cardio based formats. Be sure to sign up in advance tho – the classes fill up super fast. Most classes on the schedule have a waitlist. (Another good sign that this workout is LOVED by its members). Be sure to bring your own grippy socks, otherwise you’ll have to purchase a new pair in the studio like I did.

**FYI – if you live in Apartments at the Yard you get a sweet discount on membership**


FREE intro class (single class: $29)


Super cute studio! This place is MUCH bigger than it looks from the outside. The classes are great, but the retail section is the real winner here. Doesn’t hurt that it’s right next to Brekkie Shack. 😉

Check out the Club Pilates in Grandview here.

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