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Review: Dance and Give Me Sixty→

Jun 23, 2024

shared by katie

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Location: Grandview/Dublin, Ohio


Doing dry January but still missing the going out experience? Well you better get acquainted with @danceandgiveme60. An evening workout class with him will have you feeling like you’re at a club. You’ll have all the fun… without a hangover the next day. Dance classes here are amazing. It’s easy (ish) to follow along and it’s really hard to not smile the whole time. Lewis is great. When you first meet him he almost seems reserved and he’s extremely professional. When that music drops tho… woah!! The energy was unmatched. He is bringing allllll the vibes to class. He was hyping everyone up all while not missing a single beat.


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The @danceandgiveme60 energy can prob transform the lamest of places into something so cool. Luckily the space he uses @snapfitnesscbus is far from lame 😉. I’m eager to check out his Dublin location too tho! Everyone in class has the most infectious energy. I’m talking, yelling, screaming, woo-ing, and of course singing all the words to WAP. You will truly feel like you’re
out at a bar with all your friends… rather than a workout class with strangers.

Shoutout to @mtriffon for letting me follow her in class 😂😂

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