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Review: Ebb & Float Downtown

Mar 24, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Downtown


I have been working out harder than ever lately (trying to get back at it after a MONTH on vacation 😂😂). My body is so sore so I knew I had to get creative with ~recovery~. Enter Ebb and Float. I spent forty five minutes in a private sauna where I was able to use Bluetooth to play my own podcasts in the sauna itself and pick my own specific color of light therapy to make sure my body was getting exactly what it needs. The concierges there talk to you and help pick the best light therapy for you if you’re unsure where to start. This was seriously so relaxing to shut my brain off for almost an hour and get in a nice cleansing sweat. According to Ebb and Float, the benefits of an infrared sauna sesh are pretty endless; cellular regeneration, improves blood circulation, detoxes skin, muscle, and organ cells, reduces blood pressure, aids in pain relief and weight loss, and even acts as a skin purification vehicle. Even if it didn’t do all of that, I’d still go here because it just felt that good!


Lots of different price points for different packages/services/ etc but a single appointment for the infrared sauna cost me $40.


Have you ever walked into a place and felt instantly relaxed and at ease? This is that type of place. It’s crazy to think that some place this zen can exist in the heart of a city. It’s a really nice juxtaposition to its surroundings. I wish I could have spent the whole day here! I felt like I lost about twenty pounds of stress and tension during my visit here. Not only do you get a super relaxing sauna session, you’re also encouraged to stay afterwards to shower, enjoy some herbal tea, and sit in their lobby (feels more like a super posh living room) to meditate or journal. If you’re feeling run down lately, I’d book an appointment here ASAP.

Check out Ebb & Float Downtown here!

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