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Review: Get Fit With Britt

Mar 28, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Grandview


I am so not a dancer. I can’t hear a beat to save my life so I was so nervous to join in on the Get Fit With Britt zumba class earlier this week. I was tempted to sign up for her virtual zoom session of this class but the gorgeous weather on Tuesday swayed me to join in person. All nerves fell to the wayside after meeting Britt. She was the most welcoming and energetic presence in all of Goodale Park. Britt made everyone in the class feel like we’ve all been friends forever. The class itself was set to pop and hip/hop music that pretty much everyone is familiar with. The dance moves were high intensity at times, but all easy enough to break down (especially for someone as rhythmically challenged as me!). Just when we were getting a little fatigued from dancing, we broke for a toning portion. All we needed was a hand towel and Britt led us through a challenging AF arm circuit. I’d love to tell you more about it, but I blacked out. All I know is that my triceps were screaming the next day. It was perf being able to enjoy the dancing, while also getting a solid strength workout in at the same time. We finished the class with some really fun songs (WAP!) and you couldn’t help but have a smile on your face. All smiles were due to Britt’s super fun attitude – that being said she is clearly not human. She managed to engage with everyone, including those joining in on zoom and she gave amazingly detailed verbal cues while dancing herself AND looked cute while doing it. What is that sorcery?? You’ll def want to check out her classes. She teaches Zumba at Goodale Park (and Zoom!) on Tuesdays and on Saturdays at HighBank. Dancing not your thing? Try her Tabata classes in the park on Thursdays!


First class FREE – normal single class $10 (so affordable!)


This class more than passes the vibe check. Shaking your ass outside during golden hour – what could be better?? Need to check out her Saturday class at High Bank Distillery. Can’t even imagine how much fun this class would be knowing I get to have a cocktail right after.

Check out Get Fit With Britt here!

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