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Review: GRIND in Harrison Park →

Mar 22, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Harrison Park (or virtual instagram subscriptions!)


GRIND (Owned by Maggic Simcic) debuted a new class format last weekend called SWITCH and I was lucky enough to check it out. I think group fitness classes get a bad rep sometimes for being fun and not being as challenging as a workout you would do on your own. GRIND debunks that immediately. This class was a full body workout that was set up so several muscle groups were worked til failure. Everyone was paired up with a partner. While you traveled through each station with this partner – you were both doing different exercises. Once we hit all the stations, we switched with our partner. Each round is two minutes long. You think that’s nothing but with these exercises two minutes will feel like an eternity 😂. I spent half the class hating Maggie for this complete ass kicking, and the other half trying so hard to impress her bc she is cool AF. Maggie provided a TON of awesome equipment, including two sets of battle ropes (my fav!) but also incorporated body weight work into some stations. I seriously don’t even know how they were able to get all this equipment here. We had a full gym set up!


First class FREE, normal classes are $10!


The class was held outside at the Gazebo in Harrison Park. Obvi this is a gorgeous backdrop for a workout and Maggie made sure to utilize this area to their advantage in the workout by incorporating some of the park equipment into class. The morning I went it was 45 degrees out. Ten minutes into class we were all stripped down to our tank tops. Maggie made an extremely cold day turn into summer!

Check out GRIND here.

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