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Review: Harbor Yoga in Dublin

Mar 23, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Dublin


Yesterday I attended @im_joeytracy Level 1 flow Harbor Yoga Studio. The classes here are HEATED and you will be sweating buckets. It feels absolutely amazing. Joey led us through an entire class and gave such detailed instructions and modifications. It was so nice for me and other newbies in class because we didn’t have to look up to see what she was doing. She not only announced the poses, but also used non yoga terms to instruct us how to get there. Joey is THE perfect combination of a yogi and a cheerleader. She has such an upbeat attitude that was emanating off of her even during corpse pose. She wanted every student in class to have an amazing session, whether that meant challenging them to do more, or respecting their limitations and offering encouragement. She made a full class feel extremely personalized to each attendee. While she was pushing us to do harder poses or a quicker flow she kept reminding us ‘It’s just yoga!’ as a way to affirm us that nothing is that serious and first and foremost we should be enjoying our workout. If you are not signing up for her classes right now, you are doing yourself a disservice. This studio is one of the most inclusive places I have ever been. So many of the women in class were chatting before class started. I assumed they all must know each other, but it turns out everyone is just that friendly here. That speaks to the community Harbor has fostered.


$17 for a single class


I can appreciate a good yoga class, but I never consider it a ~fun~ workout. Well, I left Harbor  thinking I had the BEST time ever. The whole vibe here is just amazing and relaxed but also has a buzzing energy to it – unlike any other yoga studio I have ever been to. PLUS they don’t play the usual wordless zen music you would normally hear in a yoga class, they play upbeat music you actually know. Let’s be real, when you’re holding a pose, dripping with sweat and wanting to give up – the only thing getting you through is singing along to the Rihanna song blasting. This is not your *typical* yoga studio…it is SO much better!

Check out Harbor Yoga here!

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