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Review: Heartfelt Pole Studio→

Jan 21, 2024

shared by katie

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Location: Short North (CBUS)


Well we won’t be quitting our day jobs anytime soon BUT I had an absolute blast at Heartfelt’s newest studio Heartfelt Pole Studio. The studio is chic and clean and just about everything you’d expect from Vinny Purtle. Here you can take pole classes (obvi) but also conditioning classes, dance classes, etc. Basically anything the slightest bit sexy can be found here! Classes are hard! I legit couldn’t lift my arms for about three days post pole conditioning class. But holy shit, it was worth it. I worked muscles I’ve never worked before, worked out in a way that didn’t feel like a workout, and met some of the most encouraging people in class. Even though everyone is stationed at their own pole, and we’re practicing at our own paces, there was so much hype going on. Everyone was cheering when you nailed a move, or there to offer adjustments if you got it wrong. The members here made jumping out of the comfort zone so easy!




Vinny has done it again! He created a safe and perfect space for everyBODY. Like his other studios, this one is inclusive af, beyond supportive, FUN, and truly takes all comparison out of the space. You’re there to move your body – not feel bad about it. If you have ever wanted to try a pole dancing class before, I can’t recommend this place enough!

Check out Heartfelt Pole Studio here!

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