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Review: HIIT Factory→

Aug 17, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Grove City


Had the opportunity to check out HIIT Factory Grove City… This place is so cool. Classes here consist of several different stations of exercises that compliment one another to give you a well rounded workout. The best part about this studio is that there are NO class times and each session will last you around thirty four minutes. You can officially throw out your excuses of saying you can’t make it to the gym on time! Just show up and hop onto a station and work your way through the ‘class’. There is an instructor there providing feedback and encouragement throughout the stations, but not exactly teaching the class. If you’re confused about a move or need a modification tho just flag them down and they will demo for you!


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HIIT Factory is truly a place of no judgment. All the members really seem to have each other’s backs. Several exercises I performed at the class I attended were a little out of the box. Myself along with others in the class needed the extra guidance in order to perform them correctly. I never felt intimidated or embarrassed. Most people were either too in their own zone to notice you, or they saw you and yelled some encouragement (or commiserate over tough moves). My fav part of coming to Hiit Factory was that I was able to show up and immediately start my workout and then rush out as soon as it was done and get to work!

Check out HIIT Factory Grove City here!

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