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Review: Homewerk in German village →

Mar 27, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: German Village


While Homewerk is a brand new studio, the workouts have been around since 2020 as it started as an outdoor meet-up/live stream situation. Jen Borman founded Homewerk during the pandemic. While Jen and the studio have come such a long way, she hasn’t forgotten her roots and offers live stream options for all classes to those who feel more comfortable at home! My fav class is the Leg and Booty Slow Burn. It features lots of sloooow movements using weights and bands, paired with pulses to really turn up the heat! The class is hard and intense (yet do-able!). There are points when you want to quit but look up and see Jen doing every. single. rep. with you and somehow find the strength to push through 😂. The signature class here is the candlelight stretch class. Jen leads everyone through a long and juicy stretch in a dark room. If you exercise regularly you would benefit from this class as it stretches and releases pretty much every single muscle group in the most beautifully calm setting.


$15 for in studio classes/ $12 livestream


Homewerk is immaculate. It is so hard to describe the vibe here as it’s full of a million contradictions that somehow work perfectly! Jen is a perfect balance of no nonsense and gentle encouragement. The studio is intimate yet has such a strong and large community (especially when you consider those tuning in virtually!). All weights used are fairly light yet the reps are v heavy. Jen refers to all equipment used in the studio as ‘toys’ and somehow makes you forget just how hard you’re working. This place is the definition of cool without even trying. Beyond impressed.

Check out Homewerk in the German Village here!

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