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Review: Hotworx Powell→

Oct 1, 2023

shared by katie

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 Location: Powell, OH


I think we all got pretty comfortable with virtual workouts during the start of pandemic. Hotworx Powell Sawmill Pkwy brings back the nostalgia of that but upgrades it! Classes here take place within private infrared SAUNAS. Yep, you read the right… saunas. Choose between several class options (Pilates, Yog, Resistance Bands, Spin, Rowing based workouts, etc) and reserve your sauna. Each sauna can hold a maximum of three people so grab two friends and make an activity out of it! Real intimate vibes. If you feel like getting more of a workout in post class, head to the back of the studio for some free weights! Infrared heat has a TON of amazing benefits so you can really feel like you’re getting the most bang for your buck here.


First class free!


Think sweat lodge meets the Peloton app. You’re going to be sweating here whether you like it or not. The studio was chic and clean. While it was great meeting some people in the lobby, I would def miss that real *community* feel of a typical fitness class.

Check out Hotworx Powell here!

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