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Review: Jalena Lizabeth (Personal Trainer)→

Mar 26, 2024

shared by katie

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Location: Italian Village


Here is another @classpass find! You guys, I think I’m in love with The Athletic Cos. It reminds me of some of the gyms I used to go to in NYC. The gym is two stories and has ALL of the equipment. This is the fit playground of my dreams. I love the classes here and there’s always a mix of men and women. I have taken a few of @jalenalizabeth lower body focused classes now and I am obsessed. She is probably the most thorough group fitness instructor I have come across in Columbus. She starts each class with a dynamic warmup (much longer and more detailed than most studios/classes!). She then heads into a creative and challenging workout that lends itself to many modifications to make it accessible to everyone’s fitness abilities. The best part is the ending stretch. We’ve all been to the studios that half ass the post class stretch – if they have one at all. @jalenalizabeth guides everyone through a super juicy stretch and cool down with a big emphasis on proper breath work. You’ll no doubt be feeling this workout the next day, but these intense cool downs will help prevent soreness. The only downside I can even think of is that the cell service isn’t so great inside here lol.


First class $10, single class normally $17 (or book on @classpass)


The vibe here doesn’t even make sense but it WORKS. It feels really industrial yet chic at the same time. It’s a big gym yet has smaller classes. You can tell the clientele come here to work… yet you can still find them making convo and joking with others throughout their workout. This gym is nestled right downtown but with views of the pool, you’ll feel as if you’re somewhere even cooler. 😎

Check out The Athletic Cos here!

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