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Review: Jazzercise Upper Arlington→

Mar 27, 2023

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Location: Upper Arlington


When I think of Jazzercise I immediately think of my mom in the ‘80s and had the preconceived notion that this might be an easier workout for an older crowd. I was SO wrong. The clientele here is super diverse in age and while this workout was not easy at all, it was an absolute blast. I took Christine’s DanceMixx class – which is dance cardio, for the first forty minutes, followed by strength for the last twenty minutes. The dancing was so fun (and sweaty!) and all set to music that pretty much everyone knows. The strength section is as hard as you make it. Christine offered/demonstrated higher level toning moves, but also offered an array of modifications for everyone in the room. Everyone got to choose what size weights they wanted and there were even options for standing abs for those who didn’t feel comfortable laying on their back. Christine is a wild mix of a high energy trainer, sultry dancer, and stand up comedian. I I had a huge smile on my face the entire class. She was so much fun – I was actually sad when class was over. Unlike other studios, the instructor is set up on a decently high stage. This means everyone in the room has a perfect view of the workout. And that also means the instructor has a perfect view of you if you’re slacking off 👀😆.


Drop in Rate $20 (tell them I sent you and get that class for only $10!!)


I truly felt so welcomed from the second I walked into this studio. While some studios try to be accommodating and welcoming, it just comes super naturally to Jazzercise UA. They have been able to cultivate such a friendly and fun community. Everyone comes early to catch up with one another and they stay late to talk about how enjoyable class was. This fitness studio feels more like a family than anything else. Such a wonderful experience! Another thing I loved about this studio is that there are no mirrors in the dance room. The true focus is on how you’re feeling when you’re exercising rather than being distracted by what you look like.

Check out Jazzercise in Upper Arlington here!

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