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Review: Lagree House in Clintonville

Mar 24, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Clintonville


Okay, this place is an absolute DREAM. I am so thankful to Jillian Rosie for the recommendation and for coming with me to my first class! Here you will get your typical Lagree style workout – sloooow, controlled movements, lots of time under tension, etc. Lagree House also utilizes some 🔥heavy🔥equipment in addition to the Megaformer. We used fifteen pound body bars to sculpt our arms while balancing on the machine. This is prob the heaviest weight I have used in a Lagree class. Talk about bang for your buck! Fifty minutes is all you need here to get an amazing workout in, and to feel completely at home. They even have childcare in the studio if you need to bring your little ones to class! (Pics don’t do this place justice. It is absolutely GORG)


$10 for first class! (normally $23 for a single class)


Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, Lagree House is really a ~home~ for its members. There are a ton of subtle touches to the studio that add up to making it one of the most welcoming places I have been to yet. Think: lots of greenery, cute homey decor, instructors knowing everyone’s names and celebrating individual milestones for class-goers. There’s no place like house!

Check out Lagree House here!

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