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Review: Mike Price (Personal Trainer)→

Mar 26, 2024

shared by katie

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Location: Westerville


I have never met someone who’s Instagram handle described them SO perfectly. Meet Mike Price. He’s here to do just that…. change your whole friggen life. He takes personal training to the next level. He’s more of an all inclusive wellness expert, IMO. He’s going to train you in person but it doesn’t stop there. Signing up for a package with him comes with so much more than you could imagine. You’ll also get an app where Mike uploads different workouts for you to do when you’re not with him in the studio. The app also includes your stats, a place to log your meals, your progress pics and a ton more I am still discovering. The best part is that Mike is truly there to hold you accountable. You get a personal message from him EVERY morning with a little challenge for the day. It could be something like trying a new source of protein, a reminder to get your water intake up, or even a video message of encouragement. This system he has created is basically fail proof. You truly feel like he’s in your corner!


Different packages start at different price points.


The Exertion Training Facility is awesome. Full of state of the art equipment as well as some off beat fitness tools. The black walls, pumping music and overall aesthetic make you want to 👏🏻 work 👏🏻. As cool as all that is, it’s the least impressive thing going on over here. Mike is so unbelievably down to earth yet motivating. He has you pushing yourself, learning new moves, and getting stronger … all while letting you get to know him. He develops such personal relationships with all of his clients and still seems like such an amazing father and husband. Not sure how many hours he gets in his day, but I guarantee he has more than the rest of our 24 😂😂. He does so much and seems so unfazed by it. Def leads by example here because I always leave a session attempting to be a better person.

Check out Mike Price here!

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