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Review: Mount Carmel Fitness Center→

Jun 2, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Lewis Center


I came for the Body Pump class at the Mount Carmel Fitness Center and stayed for literally everything else this place has to offer. While the gym here has a robust amount of gym equipment, there is an array of group class offerings. They also have a pool and provide aqua fit classes – I so wish I was able to try one of those. You need to go check this gym out. It feels so fancy, yet it’s also reasonably priced relative to other studios. The locker rooms alone feel state of the art. Check the pics to see what I mean! One of my favorite parts was the indoor track, where I walked around listening to my podcast while getting a better view of the entire facility.


$20 for a day pass, ~$75/month for membership. Special discounts for Mount Carmel employees


This gym is LUXURIOUS AF yet still has a fun community. All the girls in my class rushed over when they realized I was new and helped me set up my station. There were also several people at the gym doing their own thing and zoning out. Seems like this place is what you make of it. It has every amenity under the sun and it’s up to you to find out what works for you! You could spend the entire day here and never get bored. Get a workout in, head to the spa, drop the kids off at child care. I mean, there was even a warm water therapy pool (aka a hot tub)! What more could you want?? If this gym was closer to my house I would have joined right on the spot. I was so impressed.

Check out Mount Carmel Fitness Center here!

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