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Review: Orange Theory Fitness→

May 2, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Pickerington


I used to pop into classes at Orangetheory in PA when I lived there. While it was always a good workout, I honestly used to dread going. It was just. so. boring. Running on the treadmill always sucks lol. I hated the rower. The weight section was my favorite, but even so I would usually find myself slacking or opting for lighter weights rather than pushing myself. Fast forward to moving to Columbus. I’m lucky enough to have become friends with OTF coach @nadinedobb. I knew I had to try her class even if it meant going back to a ~boring~ workout. I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had! Class was broken up into two separate blocks: all out sprints with ample recovery on the treadmill, and weight training with rowing intervals mixed in. All of this is being done while wearing a heart rate monitor and being able to check your stats in real time on your personal screens. While I don’t love sprints, seeing all the stats above while running gave me some serious motivation to give it my all. The HRM I received was able to be worn on my forearm. This is SO much comfier than the ones you wear on your chest, IMO.


First class FREE! (Single class -$28)


I think this is the best first class experience I’ve had in OH. The instruction before our session started was so thorough and hands on. Nadine also made it a point to come check on us newbies several times to make sure form was on point. She was great at correcting us but also celebrating our small wins the entire sixty minutes. I also couldn’t get over how supportive all the members were during my class! I think this was a huge factor in the class being so fun and full of life. A lot of other attendees came over to introduce themselves to myself and the other first timers. There were lots of high fiving and ‘woo hoos’ the entire time. Even though everyone is doing their own workout at their stations, it felt more like a team mentality. The members even all posed for a pic together post class in celebrations of 1. Finishing the workout 2. Pushing themselves and getting PRs.

Check out OrangeTheory Fitness in Pickerington here!

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