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Review: Pure Barre in Dublin→

Mar 23, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Dublin


Is it aggressive to say that my ‘Pure Barre Classic’ class Pure Barre Dublin with instructor Rachel is the best barre class I have ever taken? Barre is known for being low impact, and this was no exception, however, this class was met with high intensity movements. I was sweating about six minutes into class. There’s something so satisfying about getting such a good sweat sesh in with minimal equipment (everyone in class was provided with two sets of light weights, a ball, and a resistance band). The class was full body oriented and rotated focus throughout on different muscle groups. Knowing I only had to get through about ten minutes of movement on each body part really helped me push myself harder during each section. I think Rachel is the only person to ever get me to crack a smile during a 6AM class. Her energy (especially that early!) is infectious and really puts you at ease. Her bubbly personality was so welcomed but her deep knowledge is what keeps people coming back for more. Rachel is a stickler for form in the best way possible. She walks around the entire class not only giving verbal cues but also hands on adjustments (for those who want it). If you are not doing a move 100% correctly, Rachel is at your side within a few seconds to assist you. I swear, she must have walked about three miles during the entirety of the class just to get a good eye on everyone’s form. She also knew exact modifications to give studio regulars based on injuries, pregnancy, etc. Her dedication to everyone’s success is unmatched!


First class FREE! (Single class: $25)


Everyone here is ridiculously friendly. From the staff, instructors, and the members. I got to the studio at 5:30ish in the morning and everyone was already in a good mood (how??). The studio is super clean, and the equipment is in great shape. It is also much bigger than it looks from the outside. The studio room is huge, but there’s also a fairly large check in area, a blocked off storage area for you to put your stuff during class, and a section for v cute retail!

Check out Pure Barre in Dublin here!

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