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Review: Rock On Fit→

Jun 23, 2024

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Location: Grandview


This post is for literally everyone! Local to Columbus? is for you. Not local? is for you. Girl? is for you. Guy? is for you. New in your fitness journey? is for you. Experienced lifter? is for you. You get the point. @gail_mitch_ has created something so cool with She hosts strength and cardio classes with a HUGE focus on proper warm up and post class stretch. She’s going to give you a killer workout but make sure you’re set up for success outside of the studio. In person classes are capped at six people so you’re getting some real solid attention on you. I can’t get over how great this place is and how much I loved Gail.

And of course with a name like Rock On Fit… you already know the playlists are going to be 🔥.


In person classes $15
live stream classes $10


@gail_mitch_ hosts her in person classes in her home but I swear once you arrive you are transported into one of the chic-est and sleekest studios I have ever seen. This place is a friggen vibe. The dark lights, neon signs, and the intimate atmosphere automatically inspire you to werkkkk. Plus something about @gail_mitch_ has you reaching for those heavier weights.

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