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Review: SHED Fitness Hilliard →

Mar 27, 2023

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Location: Hilliard


I am so happy my friend Kelsey convinced me to tag along to a Shed Fitness class with her about a month ago. While I had originally planned on signing up for only one class, I quickly fell in love and went several other times over the following weeks. Each day at SHED focuses on a different muscle group. Most classes are divided into five or six stations and you rotate through each station one time. Each station is either strength or cardio focused. Strength centers on hitting a different angle of the specific muscle group chosen for that day. Having several stations ensures a full workout, but also makes class FLY by. SHED really knows the importance of cardio within an exercise routine. And holy moly, do they make sure you get it! I have yet to go to a single class that doesn’t include several rounds of burpees 😂. If cardio isn’t your thing, SHED is now offering strength only classes. Still need to try one of those! Each class ends with a quick finisher that is usually one round of core or a muscle burn out. By the time you get to the finisher you are prob an absolute sweaty mess. SHED is about two years old but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the equipment. Everything looks BRAND NEW. Goes to show you just how much effort the team here puts into cleaning and caring for everything!


First class FREE! They also have a 2 week trial membership for only $49


The colored lights and expansive room here make exercising feel a lot cooler than your average studio. 😂 The workouts here are no joke. While everything is challenging, it is impossible to not leave without feeling like a total badass. The support and encouragement found within SHED truly make it easy to leave all your doubts and fears at the door. They’re going to push you to your limits, but also show up for you when you struggle.

Check out Shed Fitness in Hilliard here!

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