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Review: Shred415 Sawmill→

May 8, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Dublin


I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun my class Shred 415 Sawmill was! While the concept isn’t new, the energy and excitement they bring to the workout is a breath of fresh air. Class is broken up into four 15 minute intervals alternating from the tread to floor strength station – called the ‘deck’. The treadmills they use are luxurious af. I’d hate to know how much they cost 😂. I seriously didn’t know a tread run could be that comfortable. I originally went into class planning on being a ‘walker’ but was convinced to run by these state of the art treads (and from some motivation from @livingfitcolumbus!). The strength section was challenging but had a ton of out the box moves that kept it interesting and made class fly by! The studio itself is MUCH bigger than it looks from the outside and is outrageously clean. They even have showers and HUGE locker rooms. (I’m always so shocked at how many Columbus fitness studios DON’T have showers).


First class FREE! (Single class -$28)


I can’t thank @sarahpowell1981 enough for making this class feel like a party. She should seriously give lessons to other fitness instructors on how to liven up a class like that! It was insane. Her energy was through the roof. She danced around the studio the whole time while giving very specific instructions, and correcting forms. Her love of her job was so unbelievably apparent and it was so refreshing to see. I haven’t tried any of the other instructors at Shred yet but if they are half as good as Sarah then they are working with some serious magic! ✨

Check out Shred415 Sawmill in Dublin here!

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