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Review: Snap Fitness in Grandview→

Aug 9, 2023

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Location: Grandview


Alexa, play ‘Best of Both Worlds’ by Hannah Montana. Snap Fitness is already known for being a premier gym that houses a ton of equipment and machines. And now they’re adding to their already impressive repertoire by hosting classes and creating a new fitness ‘studio’ within their gym! Current class offerings are Body Pump (iykyk) and a Core class. I tried the BP class and loved it. I love these types of classes because it’s the most bang for your buck! Full body workout in a short amount of time. The core class is next on my list to try. A half hour of pure ab focused exercises sounds like torture, but I’m here for it! Snap is already at a great price point but their new classes are even more incentive to join! I love that I can come to the gym and follow my own program AND can also head to a class, removing the thought of my workout, letting someone else push me to my limit!


$10/class (open to members and non members!) $40/month membership.


Snap completely gutted the top floor of their building to turn it into a state of the art studio. This place doesn’t make sense in that it is equal parts sleek and industrial. It has this fun ambiance where you feel like you’re in a super fancy gym, yet you’re also inspired to get in a hard and gritty workout. It’s huge, it’s clean, and the space has a lot of fun equipment, while offering a ton of free space. It’s basically begging you to switch up your routine and get creative with your workouts.

Check out Snap Fitness in Grandview here!

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