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Review: Taylor Savely (Personal Trainer)→

Jan 21, 2024

shared by katie

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Location: Grandview


My friend Jen has been looking absolutely ripped lately. When I asked her if she had been doing anything differently she told me all about the queen that is @taylor Savely. Taylor is one of the most educated personal trainers I have ever met. Her attention to detail is everything! She puts her clients through very slow and steady routines focusing on heavy weights. She has an innate ability to assess a client’s strengths and weaknesses almost immediately. She convinced me I was capable of much heavier reps than I ever thought possible. She’s the perfect mix of hard work and humility. Working out with her was a dream!


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@Taylor Savely knows you’re here to WORK but she effortlessly creates the most relaxing vibe. Her calm demeanor will instantly put you at ease (especially helpful when she’s pushing you to get every last rep out of that heavy weight). She’ll let you pick your fav music so you’re immediately in your zone.

If you’re serious about changing your body or just becoming more confident in the gym you need to DM her… like yesterday.

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