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Review: The 1 Fitness in Gahanna→

Mar 24, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Gahanna


I had the opportunity to try a few classes with Shane Facemyer at The 1 Fitness and I was BLOWN AWAY. Not only were the workouts some of the hardest I have ever done, the studio space might be the nicest I have ever been to. Each of my sessions with Shane consisted of a VERY thorough warm up, followed by two to three stations of several sets of complimenting exercises, and ended with some ass kicking cardio. It’s all small group training here, so while you are not isolated, you are really getting a very personal training session (on a group fitness budget 💅🏻). Shane more than knows what he is doing. While the entire group is doing more or less the same exercises, he knows how to adjust for each person in the group right away. He somehow knows what you’re capable of doing before you are. His energy is contagious. He also has an impressive bullshit radar and knew exactly when I was phoning it in 😂😂. He has a cult following for a good reason – he is getting you results FAST and putting a smile on your face while he’s doing it. If you aren’t DM-ing him to set up a class right now, what are you even doing??


Lots of different price points. DM them to set up a class!


THIS👏🏻 STUDIO👏🏻 IS 👏🏻 THE 👏🏻 VIBE. Seriously, the pics do not even do this place justice. I have never worked out in a more aesthetically pleasing gym. It’s huge, clean, motivational quotes everywhere (in a non corny way), light up signs, hype af trainers… the absolute works. The 1 looks like the love child of Equinox and Restoration Hardware and I am here for it! Can’t wait to go back!

Check out The 1 Fitness here!

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