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Self Love Run Club→

Dec 12, 2023

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So excited to announce this one!!

I used to LOVE running and now I avoid it. After a few injuries, and a lot of negative self talk in regard to pace, looks, and performance I lost my why when it came to running and moving my body. I’m looking to change the narrative and fall back IN love with it!

I’m teaming up with @hiltonheadrunningcompany to create a beginner friendly running/walking group called the 👟💖SELF LOVE RUN CLUB 💖👟. We’re starting a community that’s full of education, empowerment, fun, and of course – some self love. Essentially this is a run club for the non runners.

We would love for you to join us!! Each time we meet will have different themes, lessons, goodies, etc! We have a ton of surprises planned! 🤩 More importantly we will have a dedicated run pro with us at all times to ensure proper form, answer questions, and provide all the encouragement! All the runs will be relatively short and extremely beginner friendly. All faces and paces welcome!

Still don’t want to run? No problem! Walking is ALWAYS an option and it will be celebrated!!

Join us for our first club THIS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, at 5:30PM.

RSVP and join our community here!

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