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StudiOH Scoop Holiday Gift Guide→

Dec 1, 2023

shared by katie

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you’re about to be everyone’s favorite secret santa

Gifts for Your WFH Girlie

~Wellness From Home~

Olive Roots Candles

Nothing like setting the vibe at home than by lighting a candle. Olive Roots passes the wellness check as they are non toxic and use essential oils for their scents. All of their candles smell amazing but there’s just something about their holiday collection – it just hits different!! I’ve been loving lighting candles during my early morning home workouts. Talk about dreamy.

Subtle Impacts Weights

Not a drill. You need these! Everyone on your gift list needs these! I’m friggin obsessed. Subtle Impacts took ugly dumbbells and kettlebells and turned them into the home decor of your dreams. They look like modern and simple decorations but they double as weights. They range from 8 lbs – 20 lbs. These weights are all for my fit girlies that also love a good aesthetic. Your home gym has never looked better.

Ice Roller

Goes without saying. Perfect stocking stuffer. I love to start my morning with an ice roller facial to help me wake up and depuff. Pair with your morning hot lemon water for max wellness girl benefits. 😉

Rolling TV

Okay, okay, I know this is a big ticket item but when I tell you it’s my favorite purchase of this year, I am not lying. Trust me when I say you’ll be the hero for gifting this item this year. Meet the LG StanByMe TV. It’s a traveling touch screen tv/tablet. It’s a gamechanger and can be used for pretty much everything. I love to airplay my home workouts here and bring it to my home office/gym OR bring my workouts al fresco and bring it to the balcony. This is also awesome for my gals that love a bath. Wheel this into the bathroom, light some candles (Olive Roots, obvi), and turn on some Bravo. Your night is about to be SET. It’s even great for  meal prep. Pull up all your recipes and have a big tablet next to you in the kitchen to keep on track while cooking. No more squinting at your phone.

Mito Red Light

Red light therapy has been the best hack in my wellness journey this year. I like to habit stack while I use it and either do legs up the wall, or practice my breathing exercises. Benefits of red light therapy include:

promotion of healthy aging

reduces inflammation

cell regeneration 

muscle tissue repair 

improves circadian rhythm (aka sleep/wake cycles)

reduces aches and pains (I’ve found this to be most beneficial for my knee pain) 

I use the @mitoredlightofficial. It’s so easy to pack up and move around. I was able to use my physical therapist’s (@drkaylaborchers) code to snag mine. Use her code ‘drkayla’ to save money on yours! Check out my Scoop Spotlight with Dr. Kayla Borchers here!

Walking Pad Treadmill

Full disclosure, I am putting this on my gift guide because I want one so bad! Level up your work from home set up and get your steps in at the same time. My friend swears by this one and said she now walks five miles every work day!!

Gifts for The Fit Foodie in your life

~Dinner has never looked quite this good~


If you know me at all you know I am a total stan for Sakara!! Check out their holiday shop to find the perfect a la carte foodie gifts! I love their popcorn, granola, and detox water the best! Or if you really want to wow them this year, give them the gift of health and ease with a meal subscription. You can count on Sakara for being so friggen delicious every single time while also packing in the nutrients and gut friendly ingredients. Use the code ‘SCOOPSAKARA’ to save 20 percent!

GoNanas Banana Bread Mix

By far the best stocking stuffer you can buy this year. GoNanas is changing the game. Their mixes are full of flavor yet are a better for you alternative than typical mixes. They are vegan, gluten free, and nut free and come in THIRTY FIVE flavors. Their birthday cake mix is by far the best tho, IMO. Trust me when I say you’ll be obsessed. (Plus my gal Morgan is co-founder. Support your local girl gang, yall!)

Beast Blender

Where are my smoothie girlies at?? Finally an aesthetically pleasing blender that you won’t mind leaving out on your counter. The Beast blender is a new fav of mine. Besides being gorgeous, it packs a mean punch! It effortlessly blends pretty much anything I throw in there. Great for making soups and sauces as well!


Who said meal prep day didn’t need a fit check. I love gifting cute aprons because it’s one of those things most people won’t buy themselves. I especially love this cutie one from Anthro!

Advent Calendar

I have been giving people the Bonne Maman advent calendar for a few years now and it’s always so well received!! A crowd favorite, for sure. Every day your gift recipient gets to open up a new mini jar of jam. Guaranteed to be a delicious way to start their day, and a reason for them to be thinking about you twenty four days in a row! 😉

Hot Girl Walk Upgrades

~Your walks just got even hotter~

Lululemon Belt Bag

Duh! A HGW staple, if you will. You need to be hands free during your walks, obvi and there’s no cuter way than with a belt bag. I’m loving this vibey winter one in white fleece. You can never have too many!

Ankle Weights

I am truly truly obsessed with my Movido Ankle Weights. I tell everyone I come into contact with that they need to order a pair for themselves. I wear them pretty much every day and they add the perfect little extra oomph to my walks. Movidos come in the cutest color ways. They’re also a great option to add to your barre classes to level up even more! Use code ’20STUDIOH’ for an extra discount!

Non Toxic Sunscreen

Hot girls wear sunscreen year round! I love this non toxic version from Beauty Counter. Smells good and gets the job done. Barely feels like you have anything on. None of that icky, greasy feeling here!!

“Let’s Go For A Walk” Hat

Wouldn’t be a hot girl walk without a hot girl hat. I wear this one on all my Hot Goal Walk meetups and always get compliments. It’s slightly oversized so it’s perfect for not messing up your hair.

Hoka Sneakers

I am such a sneaker snob and these Hoka Cliftons pass all the tests. They are comfy, light weight, and have enough cushion to keep up with you for longer walks. These fit true to size.

Apple Airpods Max

Unpopular opinion, but I prefer an over the ear headphone to pretty much everything. The sound is better, it’s much more comfortable, and I’m a lot less likely to lose it lol. These newer versions of the classic airpods are the best thing to happen to my HGWs. If you need a bigger ticket item for someone on your gift list this year, treat them to these!

Studio Lifestyle Necessities

~Because they’re going to need something to up their fitness studio lifestyle game~

Lululemon Backpack

The chicest gym bag you’ll ever find. I hate traditional gym bags because they are so bulky. This lulu backpack is perfect. It has a spot for everything – including your laptop. It cleans sooooo easily and honestly this color just looks good with everything. 

Stakt Yoga Mat

THE BEST YOGA MAT YOU WILL EVER FIND. It’s so much more than a yoga mat though, tbh. Its distinctive foldable design seamlessly transforms it into a step stool, yoga block, meditation seat, and more, adding versatility to all types of fitness and wellness routines. Thus, making it a must-have for absolutely anyone on your list!

Grip Socks

The barre and pilates girlies in your life always need more grip socks. These cutie ones from Lucky Honey are the perfect pair to throw in a stocking!

Dry Shampoo

All the girlies know the dread that is ‘hair wash day’.  The gal on your list will love this Jay Beauty Dry Shampoo to freshen up her hair in between gym sessions. This formula is made with only clean ingredients and is aerosol free. The best part? They come in hair color specific shades. Brunette girls – you already know that this is huge!

Cute Fit

Best workout hack? Have a cute outfit planned – it’s truly the only motivation you need lol. I’m obsessed with the UNLMTD ACTIVE brand. They have great pieces made with QUALITY fabric. This cropped tank is the perfect basic for the gym. It’s durable enough to hold up during your workout but also elevated enough to pass all the fit checks. OOTD, much??


You can’t be a studio lifestyle girlie without proper recovery fuel. LMNT salt sticks are amazing for rehydrating post workout. They are flavorful electrolyte drink mixes designed to meet the electrolyte needs of anyone seeking a tasty and replenishing option. The salty flavor *does* take a bit to get used to but now I am legit always stocked up on these. The watermelon flavor is my fav!

That’s all I got for ya! Let me know what you’re loving in the comments below!

xoxo, Katie

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