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Why I Work With a Personal Trainer→

Jan 31, 2024

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We all know I’m a group fitness girlie ‘til I die, but last year I started personal training sessions with Mike Price (@thereallifechanger) in Columbus. (I now go to Jessica Buys since my move to Hilton Head). I don’t think I’ve ever had a fitness routine that was more aligned to my goals (and actually helped me hit them). While the community aspect of classes is unmatched, personal training serves a completely different purpose. If you’ve been interested in or on the fence about starting personal training here are SIX reasons why you should rip the bandaid and do it!

  1. Goal Setting: A trainer will help you define realistic fitness goals for your specific interests and lifestyle then target them with a personalized plan. I think a lot of times people just say “I want to look like this in this many weeks” without the knowledge of the work that goes into it. A trainer is not going to goal set you up to fail.
  1. Fitness Knowledge: You shouldn’t have to have a degree in exercise science to know how to meet your fitness goals. The beauty of a personal trainer is that they do the planning for you. All you have to do is show up ready to workout. 
  1. Accountability: Sometimes you just don’t want to show up, but when you have a 1:1 appointment that you’re paying for and someone who will text or call you to make sure you show up, it helps. Then, when you’re actually in the workout, your trainer is your personal cheerleader gassing you up (and yelling at you) to get it done. 
  1. Nutrition: Most, if not all, personal trainers will offer you meal plans and nutrition advice that complements your workout routine and fitness goals. And spoiler alert: it won’t be a fad diet or salads for every meal.
  1. Success Outside the Gym: Lifestyle is the key word here. Take the workouts, take the meal plans and ASK your trainer about literally everything else. Personal trainers want their clients to make health and wellness a lifestyle change, so trust they will give you all of the advice they have. 
  1. STRENGTH: I’ll just say it, building muscle is hard—it’s hard to plan, it’s hard to execute and it’s hard to maintain. Leave all of that up to someone else. You’ll thank me later. 

I’m still a group fitness girlie ‘til I die, but I really do see the most results from consistent work with a  trainer (Added bonus, they are forced to listen to all of my problems when we train.) 

If you’re in Columbus be sure to reach out to Mike Price. I promise you’ll be obsessed with him.
And if you’re in Hilton Head, connect with Jessica Buys at Peak Performance. She is absolutely amazing plus Peak has the cutest community vibes.

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