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Review: Avenue X Fitness in Grandview →

Mar 9, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Grandview


Okay, I had the BEST time with @deb.messner at Avenue X Fitness last week. Deb is the owner of the studio and will also be your new friend. She led me through a half-hour full body class all while keeping up the conversation so we could get to know each other better. She kicked my ass in the best way possible. I did not even realize I could sweat that much or be that sore after only a half hour. Deb’s knowledge is undeniable. She breaks everything down for you too. Not only does she explain and demo the exercises she is making you do but she explains exactly why we are doing certain things and pairing certain exercises together. Deb wants you to obvi be successful in her classes but also wants you to be confident when you are working out on your own. She is all about working out SMARTER and not harder. I got more out of my half hour with her than I did in my own hour-and-a-half workout the day before at my apartment gym. I tried a group training session here but X’s real bread and butter is their personal training services. If the other trainers are even half as great as Deb, just know you will be feeling stronger and healthier in no time working with them! Check them out!


Free WEEK trial of group training classes; unlimited group training -$170/month


Avenue X is a fitness lovers’ dream. They have state-of-the-art equipment – including fun additions like a rope pull and power plate vibration machines. You can also find huge locker rooms and a salt room (omg whaaaa??!) here. This is one of the cleanest studios I have EVER been to. There was not one thing out of place and not a speck of dust anywhere in sight. This is impressive at any time, but ESPECIALLY during these ~unprecendented times~. Clientele and staff are beyond friendly and inclusive. This place is ideal for anyone and everyone – whether you are a fitness rookie or an expert.

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