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Review: CycleBar in Upper Arlington →

Mar 9, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Upper Arlington


Last week I took Ali’s Empower class. I had taken a class of hers before and found out she used to teach at the spin studio I would go to when I lived in NYC. When I heard that I obvi immediately signed up for another one of her classes. Empower is def one of the harder classes at CycleBar UA. Think lots and lots of hills and heavy pushes. Half the class will feel like you are trudging through mud. So hard but also so satisfying when you finally hit the recovery songs. Ali motivates you to give it your all and then some at appropriate times but also gives you ample time to recover and bring your heart rate down. Best of both worlds! You’ll walk out of this class feeling ~empowered~ and very sore.


Free first class, normal price for a single class: $20


Dark room, red lights, killer playlists. This is basically a club and I am HERE for it!!

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