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Review: RowHouse UA →

Mar 8, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Upper Arlington


I was super apprehensive to go to this class. 45 minutes straight on a rower? Sounded boring. I couldn’t be more wrong! I attended the ‘Signature’ class. Class was divided into 3 rowing sections with floor exercises in between to break things up. The first 2 rowing sections were set to the beat whereas the last section included lots of all out pushes at your own speed. Being set to the beat meant you were in unison with everyone else in the class and felt like you were actually rowing a boat. The whole class being totally in sync was oddly satisfying. One of the floor sections was body weight only and the other incorporated dumbbells (set up for you already at your erg). Def wish some mats were provided for this section. The best part of class was definitely the instructor. She knew her stuff! I really appreciated how thorough she was in explaining proper form. She even had me do some practice exercises prior to class to ensure I had the form down pat! Her energy was INFECTIOUS. She genuinely seemed so excited to be teaching that you inadvertently wanted to push yourself harder. She called everyone out by name throughout the entire ride and stuck around after talking to everyone. (She even took the pic above. Peep my feet. Had to ditch the sneaks and socks bc they were so sweaty post class).


First class free!


the studio is beyond clean. They take cleanliness and covid very seriously. The staff is super friendly. You walk in and feel like you’re visiting your BFF. How did everyone remember my name so quickly?? The small class size was awesome. Studio has a garage door on their back wall that they kept open throughout class. Gave it that open air gym feel. Post class was def a little sales-y. That part put a damper on the experience but kind of expected.

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