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Review: Melt House of Fitness→

May 2, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Westerville


Melt House of Fitness is a spot on name for this studio. It’s impossible to go to any class here and not feel like you’ve completely melted into the floor. All the classes are heated. And they feel hot!!! You start sweating immediately. While I originally thought this might be a hindrance, it instead motivated me to keep pushing through it. If I can get this sweaty during a warmup, let’s see how much my body can handle during the harder parts of class. The classes here are also in the dark. I found this a bit harder to get used to while I was getting my bearings of the classes/formats, but I ended up loving it. The dark provides an ability to really only focus on yourself. There’s no comparing yourself to other people. It’s you vs you. It also forces you to really listen to instructor cues. You’re doing so much active listening you don’t even realize how heavy your weights are 😂. Melt has several different class offerings and all add up to a robust fitness routine. Vinyasa yoga, Barre, Lifting, and cycling. NGL, I was pretty nervous to try a heated spin class so I avoided it 😂. Anyone down to try with me??


first class FREE! (Single class – $20)


This studio is interesting because there are two separate studios. The Melt Garage hosts the Lift and Cycle classes. It provides that gritty and ‘let’s get down to business’ experience. The main studio hosts the barre and yoga classes. Very zen and calming vibes. There’s also a community room over in this studio where you can go chat with other members, relax pre/post class, and help yourself to cooling towels sprayed with various essential oils. The members here are intense … but in a good way. All seem to come here to get a killer workout in and leave their worries and responsibilities at the door. I’ve never seen so many people grab ALL the heavy weights in classes. It doesn’t seem like anyone here knows how to take it easy 😂. There may not be as much chatting before/after classes going on as there are in some other studios, but there is def a sense of community here and healthy competition that makes you want to level up!

Check out Melt House of Fitness in Westerville here!

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