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Review: Studio Rouge in Clintonville →

Mar 24, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Clintonville


Honestly never thought I’d be reviewing a pole dancing class but my friend Lindsey convinced me to join her so here we are!! We had the chance to do a private class. If you are a little intimidated like I was – grab your girlfriends and do a private. Going with a group makes it a lot less scary! Once you’re in the studio, those nerves will wash away quickly, whether you’re doing a regular or private class. The instructors are SUPER motivating and encouraging. They break down the class into very do-able movements and then add them together. Some of us may have been better than others in putting those moves together 😂😂. The pole dancing class was so much fun but holy shit was it hard work. My arms were sore for DAYS. If you have ever seen someone do a pole dancing routine, you know how easy and effortless it looks. Let me tell ya, some serious hard work goes into it. They have a ton of different classes here – not just pole dancing. Each seems more intriguing than the last (especially ‘’Floor Fuckery”).


$27/single class. (Def recommend looking into the private classes tho and making a day out of it with friends!)


I had the preconceived notion that this studio would be super intimidating but I was so wrong. This studio is all about inclusivity and female empowerment. They want everyone to feel sexy and boost their confidence not just in their classes but in every day life. NGL, I was riding a high all day after my first class. Def can’t wait to go back. The studio itself is also extremely clean. The class is barefoot and there is a lot of sweating so it’s nice to feel like you’re in an environment that is well cared for.

Check out Studio Rouge here!

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