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Review: The Lagree Method in Dublin →

Mar 24, 2023

shared by katie

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Location: Dublin


I had the opportunity to attend a super fun event hosted by The Beauty Boost recently at the The Lagree Method. Class was led by Lauren. While I am sure all the instructors here are amazing, I was SO happy to take one of Lauren’s classes. She is the owner of the studio and her love and enthusiasm for lagree is displayed in every instruction and interaction she has during class. She takes such great pride in the success of her clients and helps everyone get the most out of their workout. Similar to other lagree studios, the workout utilizes the megaformer machine and focuses on slow twitch movements, time under tension, and superset movements. While it is low impact, it is definitely high intensity. You will def get the most bang for your buck with a class like this. The workout is forty five minutes long- which IMO is the perfect amount of time for a workout. Anything longer and I find myself slacking off.


 First class FIVE BUCKS (Single class: $29)


You step into this studio and are somehow transported to sunny California. The blue hues, the palm trees, the large windows – all help create the beachy vibe. It is a beyond inviting space. They also have their own line of super trendy and affordable activewear. The clothes have the same airy and laid back vibe as the studio itself. Do yourself a favor, next time you are itching to take a vacay, book yourself a class at The Lagree Method. It will feel more like a getaway than a workout.

Check out The Lagree Method here!

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