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Scoop Spotlight: Body x Brooke→

May 8, 2023

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Welcome to the series, Scoop Spotlights. Here I’ll be spotlighting all of my favorite instructors, businesses, studios, etc. Feel free to nominate a place to spotlight!

Today you have the opportunity to meet Brooke Michelle. She is a NYC based trainer that hosts a huuuuuuge selection of virtual classes. She is fucking fabulous. She has an innate ability to make every virtual group workout feel like an intimate personal session. I am totally obsessed with her and her videos def saved my life during the pandemic lol. She had me in the best shape of my life in 2020. She is your go to girl for all things fitness, nutrition, and mom life. She will keep it real with you when no one else does.

To know her is to love her and I am so excited you get to meet her here! My dream is for us to pair up and host a virtual event together. What do you think??

What’s your name and tell me a little bit about yourself?
Hi! My name is Brooke and I am the founder of Body x Brooke. I instruct an online workout program called BxB Sweat @ Home which has over 300 videos in my on demand library for all fitness levels. I’m also a nutrition coach and love guiding my clients on how to eat better in a non-restrictive way to avoid processed foods and nourish their bodies with easy and delicious recipes. My passion is helping women all over to find their confidence through movement.

What is your business and where are you located? How did you get started?
I’m based out of Staten Island, NY. I’ve always been into fitness since a young teenager, but more for the vanity and not genuine concern for my health. When I was in my late teens, I was going through a very tough time with panic attacks and depression. At the time, my therapist told me to get some dumbbells and start walking or jogging everyday, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

I did what he suggested because I was in such a dark place. I immediately noticed after doing just a few curls and calf raises at home that my mood instantly improved. I also noticed week after week I was able to do a few more reps of everything and felt really proud of myself. Those feelings motivated me to keep going to improve both my mental health and strength.

Fast forward to my late 20s, I was going through a divorce and was obsessed with spin classes I was attending for years at a local gym. I was encouraged through friends to get certified to teach (I was always so shy and NEVER imagined leading a class) so I took a leap and went for it.

I started teaching a few classes a week and that’s when I felt my true joy shine through. I was able to express myself in a creative way both with music, motivating the students and my unique touch in every class.

My side hustle of teaching a few classes a week became my full time mission when my father (who was my employer at the time) abandoned my family and I was left with no job. Although I was miserable working for my family business and dreamt of making fitness a career, I never thought it was possible. For years, I traveled all over the island and even into Brooklyn to make a name for myself. I pushed myself all over social media (I was always a computer nerd) to get my name out. I got hired at many boutique studios and made personal connections with everyone who walked into a class of mine.

During the pandemic, I was once again left with no income when gyms were closed for the unseeable future. I struggled sleeping every night worrying how I was going to afford living in my home and pay bills. That is when I decided to go on Zoom and offer workouts virtually. I CAME ALIVE through the screen in a way I never thought I could connect with my clientele. From there, BxB Sweat @ Home was born.

What do you specialize in?
I would have to say I specialize in sculpting a woman’s body. I always have a major focus on core and stability with my classes because I believe this is the foundation of a strong, healthy body that will keep you strong your entire life. I also love to strengthen and shape other areas of the body (I love working legs and booty) both with standing movements with weights and bodyweight and also on the mat doing Pilates-inspired movements to really hit those hard to reach areas. Devoting at least once a week in my program to target upper body has also given me and the hundreds of women I’ve trained virtually amazing results.

Who is your ideal client?
Any woman, any age. I have a workout for the girl looking to plump that butt. I have classes for the cardio queen looking for HIIT workouts to destress. I’ve got classes for the middle aged woman with bad knees that can’t jump and prefers all low impact workouts. I’ve got a program for pregnant women as well as postpartum classes to get you back into shape post-baby. No matter what your age and what type of workouts you like, I can assure you I’ve got a class for you.

I also love to work one on one with virtual training sessions. This is great for my busy gals who don’t have the time to leave the house and head to the gym to see a trainer. It’s also for the girl who may be shy and prefers to workout from the comfort of their home. Since all my classes or training need just a mat and set of weights, it’s totally doable.

What sets you apart in Columbus?
The fact my NY accent is pretty apparent LOL. I always felt when I traveled to other cities that the instructors in NY just hit different. I bring a different intensity but in a fun and relatable way to the fitness community.

Tell us about the biggest hurdles you have faced.
I would say it was when I was left with no income and had to turn a side hustle into a full time job. I created a website, started my brand, spent hours and days building programs and nutrition guides, promoted myself on social media, looking to work in studios and gyms to get my name out there, etc. I was working day and night to find work and promote myself.

How about some of your biggest successes?
I’d have to say my business was BOOMING during the pandemic. I was teaching two live Zoom classes a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. In the super early morning, I was running to train clients in person at their homes. In the afternoons, they were spent running around to more clients, back to my class and out again at night to train. I was working nonstop but it I also loved every second of it. I don’t mind hard work, especially when I get the feedback from my clients with how good I am making them feel. All the feedback from the community online, too, is what kept me driven everyday to wake up and push out workouts.

How can this community support you?
Follow me on Instagram @bodyxbrooke, checkout my website! I have new workouts posted weekly on my online studio platform and exciting programs coming soon.

What’s next for you? Any fun events or promotions coming up?
Ohhhh yes! I have so many exciting things coming up and so many ideas I have for the future. If I had more free time (hello, motherhood!) they’d be out by now… but I plan on being here for the long-haul and prefer my work not to be rushed.

I’m coming out with a podcast which will talk about all things fitness, health, wellness, non-tox lifestyle, motherhood, relationships and more. I love to keep it real and say it how it is— so between my NY accent and straight-forward nature, it should be pretty funny, informative and genuine.

I also have programs which are going to be released this year. One I am currently working on now with a pelvic floor therapist is going to help any Momma whose given birth and struggle with pelvic pain, peeing while jumping, weak lower abs, etc. This all comes down to one thing— your pelvic. With proper therapy, both strengthening and relaxing your pelvic floor— all these things can be resolved! This means so much to me since after giving birth I struggled HARD with so much of this. It’s embarrassing and MOST women think it’s the “norm” to deal with things like this and it’s NOT! I’m super excited about this.

And I always have a free 10-day trial to my on demand platform which you can access on my website,

Any exclusive ~scoop~ you can share with us??
I’m gonna say you’ll have to follow along with me on social media to find out 🙂

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