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Mar 8, 2023

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Build a cute gym fit with me!!

Matching Set

Nothing like a matching set to make me feel like I have my life together. This one is so cute and I think I wore it once a week this summer. It is super comfy and breathable but I definitely recommend sizing up. I love wearing this in the winter too to attend heated classes. It’s been grey af outside but a bright outfit and some hot, sweaty yoga almost makes me feel like summer is here. The price is great for this set! For being less that $30 it is surprisingly good quality!


HUE Women's Mini Crew Sock

The absolute chokehold these stupid socks have on me is concerning. I love the look of them. I’m not sure why I suddenly started hating ‘no show’ socks but here we are. Use these for the perfect comfy girl look! They come in a pack of six so you’re good to go for the week. 😉

Bala Bangles

Ready for an upgraded Hot Girl Walk?? I am obsessssssssed with my Bala Bangles. I have them in two colors for absolutely no reason. I wear them on my ankles while I walk. I also pack them on all my trips to use for limited equipment workouts. They take up no room in your suitcase but make a world of difference when you don’t have access to your usual gym. Throw them on your wrists to do some arm exercises. They only weigh a pound each but trust me… you’ll be feeling the burn.

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