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Review: Studio Torch in Grandview & Franklinton →

Mar 8, 2023

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Location(s): Grandview & Franklinton


Today I checked out the Total Body Circuit class. The class consisted of seven sections – each targeting a different body part. The amount of equipment this studio has is insane. I’m talking treadmills, ski ergs, medicine balls, rowers, kettlebells, bosus, and every size dumbbell you can imagine. The class is as hard or as easy (let’s be real tho it is never easy) as you make it. You can scale each section to your own abilities by upping your weights, adding in the ‘challenge moves’, or playing around with the speed of your machines.

You’ll NEVER get the same workout twice here so it’s the perfect place to keep your body guessing and perfect place to go when you need a great sweat sesh but not want to put too much thought into it. Just when you think you are finished with the last section your instructor hits you with a finisher move that everyone does together. Today we did tabata rounds of burpees and planks. (I found the burpees, particularly offensive after all that work!) Total body not your thing? Each day of the week has a different muscle focus.


Use code ‘studiOH’ for a week of unlimited classes for EIGHT DOLLARS!


This place is huge! Three thousand square feet huge. It definitely, has a more industrial-style feel. Each class I’ve been to there has been a decent mix of regulars and newbies. One instructor walks around the entire class offering encouragement and form checks. Luckily the room is big enough that you can fake your planks when the instructor wasn’t looking like I did 🥴

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